Make Your Teeth a Priority

for the Health of It

(Family Crossings) – Did you know that 85 percent of Americans are so obsessed with brushing their teeth that they keep extra toothbrushes on hand just about everywhere? It’s true! According to a 2008 SpinBrush survey, popular places include a purse or briefcase, the office, the car and even […]

Design Your Life

(Family Crossings) – If you ask most women to write their ideal job description, consistent raises, more family time and more “me time” would be essential.

These three essentials are at the top of working women’s wish lists, according to the 2008 Ask A Working Woman Survey, an annual online survey conducted by […]

The Power of Clean Water

(Family Crossings) – A cool, refreshing drink of water is something many people take for granted. But what if we didn’t have access to safe drinking water? Up until 100 years ago we did not. In fact, it was often dangerous.

For thousands of years, people all over the world tried different ways […]

Safer Schools

– In 2003, a student’s discovery of 8.5 fluid ounces of elemental mercury in an unlocked chemistry cabinet forced a high school in Washington, D.C., to close for 35 days. The cleanup cost more than $1 million.

In August 2008, a school janitor spilled two gallons of hydrochloric acid at the […]

Children Who Give Back

For parents, getting kids to master responsibility is a chore. Kids, however, need the consistency of our expectations and rules. So what has worked for you? How do you get your kids to consistently do their chores? Share the strategies that have worked well in your house, including the use of chore charts, positive reinforcement, and consequences for incomplete chores. Share your chore list online with family Family Crossings […]

Smart Lessons in Back-to-School Savings

Get back to school savings at! […]

Children Of Character…YOURS!

We hear a lot today about falling moral standards, lack of respect for others and the culture of “self first.” But our society doesn’t have to be like this, and there is a growing movement to reverse these trends through […]

Learning To Share…Everything

Two boys in a first grade classroom were arguing loudly over an item they both wanted to use at the same time.

Their teacher approached them in a friendly way and said, “Boys, it sounds like you two are having a problem. Let’s talk it out.”

One of the boys told his side of […]

Creating a Digital Scrap book with

In this post we are going to compare the digital age and traditional scrapbooking. With Family Crossingsyou can create an online social network for your entire family! Online access to your digital scrapbook is the best way to share your memories with every member of your family! Try it FREE!

The art of Scrapbooking has […]

Summer Picnics with

Summer vacation…the kids can’t wait for it to start—and parents dread its arrival. The first couple of weeks seem to take care of themselves, but after that, you may be faced with your kids looking at you with that “What can we do now, Mom?” look on their faces. At that first look, be ready: go on a picnic! picnic_basket Picnics are easy—and you don’t even have to go anywhere! A couple of beach towels thrown down on the grass in the backyard is as far as you have to go. Of course, if there is a local park handy, you can load up a couple of bike baskets and take your picnic there, don’t forget the picnic blanket. You can be a little bolder, and pack up the kids in the morning and set out for a half-day road adventure and go find someplace to picnic. No matter where you decide to picnic, make it fun, make it an adventure—and your kids will look forward to doing it again…and again! […]