Children Of Character…YOURS!

We hear a lot today about falling moral standards, lack of respect for others and the culture of “self first.” But our society doesn’t have to be like this, and there is a growing movement to reverse these trends through A person of character … .

• A “good” person – someone that kids will look up to, admire and try to imitate.
• Knows the difference between right and wrong and always tries to do the right thing, even if it’s difficult.
• Sets a good example
• Tries to make the world a better place.
• Is honest, trustworthy, reliable and caring.

Sounds tough, but educating the heart is just as important as educating the mind. It’s important that you have the right tools and materials – books, games, activities, audio are all important ways of communicating with your kids, offering various routes to forming Kids of Character.

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