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(Sanibel, FL, 31 August 09)  On August 18th families that were using Sampa for their family websites got a surprise.  When they tried to log in to their family website, they discovered that Sampa had gone out of business.  Only a brief blog post informed Sampa customers that they might be eligible for a refund and that their content was downloadable but that no support was available for them to find and start an alternative.


“We realized that these families were going to feel uprooted” says Bruce Collen,  founder of  “Knowing how our users feel that their site is a second home, we knew that we had to step in and offer these Sampa users quick, easy access to settle into a new virtual home.”  Bruce smiles as he continues, “that is why we are pleased to offer any Sampa user who moves to 3 months of free service and help in migrating their data.  We want them to feel welcome and to make their transition to our family websites painless” he finishes. is the hottest provider of family websites on the web.  With shared family calendars, family photos, gift lists, news, family histories and more, allows family members anywhere in the world to connect and share in a safe environment.  To take advantage of the offer to Sampa members, simply email the staff via the website.  You’ll be asked to provide proof of membership at Sampa to activate a new account.

Family websites are available for review or evaluation at
You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews.

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