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(Sanibel, FL, 17 August 09)  It is summertime and families everywhere are breaking out the paint and giving their homes a fresh look.  Bruce Collen has been doing the same thing to’s website.  “Each year, we try to update the look and feel of our website to keep it fresh and current.  At the same time we incorporate many of the suggestions from our users within the product itself” says Bruce.  “This year is no different.  People just finding us will find a fresh look to the website that will make it easier for them to decide to come on in and give us a try.  Current users will find that we have improved on our features and expanded their storage memory.”  Bruce gives a smile.  “Okay maybe it was a little more than a paint job.  I guess we have sort of knocked out a few walls and added a sun room onto their virtual porch!”

Bruce is quick to point out that families now have the luxury of either 250mb or 500mb of storage depending on whether they join the free or premium version.  “We have seen how quickly families have taken to the product and begun to upload their photo memories.  We quickly realized they needed more virtual walls to display on!”  Families paying $9.95 a month now have twice as much storage than the previous version.  That means that suddenly it just got very easy to send grandma a whole collage of images of the kids at their school recital.  “Everyday we are asking ourselves what we can do to bring families closer.  We are always working to figure out what families need their virtual home to provide them” says Bruce.  “We know they are busier than ever.  We know they need to manage the schedules of child activities and doctor appointments.  They want to share family photos, chat with distant relatives, catch up on family news and plan family meals, all without touching a phone or running around”.  “They started using Facebook, Myspace, Flicker and other products but for many families, safety quickly became an issue.  Watching just one episode of  To Catch A Predator and you are suddenly very wary of letting your kids use a public product like those” says Bruce.  “Now, they are discovering that we provide them with tools like a calendar, email reminders, chat, a family news system, shopping and wish lists, a photo gallery and a family address book, all in a safe, secure environment that they control.”

Indeed, a close review of reveals your family will be able to share news and photos, chat live, exchange gift lists, share daily calendars and more.  Your family will easily re-connect and strengthen family bonds. You’ll create a family website on the Internet in minutes. No matter what computer experience you have, you’ll easily help your family build and secure it’s history and memories. From kids to grandparents, everyone will enjoy what you’ll find inside. You’ll chat from anywhere, day or night. Share important dates and events on the Family Calendar. Post photo galleries in minutes. You’ll even get to discount shop! Why run your family on sticky notes, cell phones, emails and awkward dayplanners.  Get with the family website that makes family fun again!

Family websites are available for review or evaluation at
You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews.

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