Wordle (clone) is now available for family play

WORDLE has taken America by storm and now your family can play it together.
Wordle is an online 5-letter word game. Each day a new word is released and players have six attempts to guess what the word of the day is. During the guesses, tiles will change color to help players get the word. A grey letter means it isn’t in today’s word, while a yellow letter signals it is in the word but in the wrong position. Then there’s the green letter which means it’s in the word and in the right place.
Players select letters of the alphabet on the virtual keyboard and enter them into the 5 blank tiles. When they’re happy with their 5-letter word guess, they press the submit button. This then checks the word and lets you know if your word or some of the letters are correct. If it’s completely right the full 5 letters turn green.
Familycrossings has modified the game to record a score (10 points for solving the game plus 1 point unused guess) and hold each member’s point total on a family scoreboard. There is only one word per day, all family members play the same word.

NOTE: Wordle can be found under PLAY navigation menu. If the word PLAY is not on your main menu have your site administrator go to Manage>Site Admin> Enable/Disable Features>Check PLAY, check WORDLE> click APPLY. The item will be added to the main menu.

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Zalongo Alternative

Do you have a #zalongo.com site? They are closing down and you will need to remove your content before Dec 31 2021. If your wish to continue having a #familywebsite Familycrossings.com came help. Click this link to find out how: https://www.familycrossings.com/Zalongo-Alternative.html

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Helping Your Family in Crisis Mode

A collaboration platform like Familycrossings can play a significant role in keeping your family safe in volatile times like epidemics, natural disasters. Bolstering family relationships with clear communication is essential to family dialogue and to fostering unity among your family members.

Familycrossings.com has many features that can be of immediate value to families that need to create order out of the confusion that has taken grip in our countries over Covid-19.

Calendar– for keeping family members informed about upcoming activities and use the RSVP function for status checks

Checklist 1 – create a Disinfection List that each family member can complete when re-entering your home after being in a public space.
Checklist 2 – create an Action List for your family detailing what to do, where to go and who to call if a family member gets sick.
Checklist 3 – Create a Visitation follow-up list for an illness status update report.
Question of the Week – Family members can respond to a question you pose. For isolated family members knowing that others are also contributing answering may have an uplifting, unifying effect.
Family History– The Interview area has a section with 14 health-related questions that should be completed by all family members.

Help Requests – maybe you need an item that another family member needs
Family Forum – Create a Discussion Board labeled Coronavirus and add topics to keep family members engaged.
Photo Sharing – Cheer family members up by posting your selfies while washing your hands, amusing photos from your exercise routine or what you made for dinner.

Address Book – Keep the family address book up to date with street addresses, email addresses, and birth dates.
Polls – Ask your family members to help in making decisions together.
Text Chat – If you have a family member in self-quarantine a cheerful group text chat can help relieve patient anxiety.
Group Email – Remember in the past when you were not included in the email invite for Sunday dinner or you only heard about because your cousin texted you. Familycrossings help ensures that you are not forgetting a family member in your communication by enable Share circles to manage email communication better.

Read more about Familycrossings.com here
Read about parent company Same-Page.com LLP here

The CDC website encourages families to plan and make decisions early that will protect you and your family during an outbreak or other disaster. Creating a household plan can help protect your health and the health of those you care about in the event of an outbreak in your community.






Familycrossings.com is a private social platform designed for families. We share none of your content with anybody else and we have no third-party applications mining your data. You can sign up for a subscription for as little as $10 per year. The name of our parent company SAME-PAGE.com LLP will appear on your credit card statement.


Familycrossings provides FREE setup help. Please visit our CONTACT PAGE to request support and include your phone number and time zone. We will send you a confirmation email.

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FamilyLobby.com is now closed but we can help

FamilyLobby.com shuttered it’s servers this week. Since our previous post we have had hundreds of signups that we attribute to FamilyLobby refugees looking for a new home for the family website. If you have the zip file that you could purchase from FamilyLobby then we can help you transfer that data into a Familycrossings.com family web site. Please call us for personal service @ 877-765-2655.


Familycrossings.com does a lot more than FamilyLobby ever did. It may take a few visits to get the family digging into your content, so we’ve included a couple of audience building tools like Question of the Week, Birthday Alerts and Cards, Family Polls and eBox.

Our core features include

What’s Included

Share family photos
Upload, View and Store your memories with ease
Our simple interface allows you to post and view your photos easily without special tools or software. Categories and meta tags allow you to quickly sort and search photos based on user, location, date and more.

Get Family News
Don’t miss the family’s coming and goings
Post family newsletters, stories, announcements and more. Now you can quickly and easily post and view all the family news that is fit to print!

Share recipes and remedies
Keep your favorite family dishes and cures here
Mom’s apple pie, Thanksgiving stuffing, nightmare cures; these are the things that make life’s events special. Now you can be sure you’ll always have them.

Family Calendar
Post birthdays, anniversaries, schedules and more
Soccer games, work, music lessons, class schedules; Family life is hectic. Make sure your family’s paths cross every chance they get with our easy to use, shared family calendar.

Wish Lists
Never buy the wrong gift again!
Is dad tired of getting ties every Father’s day? Did mom get dishes when she really wanted jewelry? Not anymore! Now each family member can post their wish list for every birthday and holiday to make shopping easy!

Store Family Addresses
Easily save and find phone numbers, email and home addresses
Does your rolodex look like a scrap book? Are family addresses scattered in multiple locations? With our simple system, the entire family can share one address book. Now you can email, make calls or mail letters with ease!

Hold Live Family Chats
Secure family style chats for the entire family
Have an old-fashioned gab session! Our chat system allows your entire family to talk to each other, at once, day or night without the fear of predators or scary phone bills.

Preserve Family History
Keep your family stories alive for generations to come
Keep your family’s stories, photos, news and more alive and safe for future generations. Offsite storage of back-ups means your family history is safe theft and natural disaster. Even your family secrets!

Visualize your family data with maps, time lines and tag clouds




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A FamilyLobby.com Alternative

It was recently discovered (July 5,2017) that Familylobby.com has decided to close its subscription service. While we spent some time looking at our competitors’ viability we did not expect them to enter End-of-Life stage.

Familycrossings.com has been in business for over 10 years and wants ALL families that use Familylobby to know that we will help you transition. Familycrossings.com new FTP function makes uploading the FamilyLobby photos fast and efficient since when the zip file is unpacked all the photos are rendered into new galleries. As an alternative to starting over creating a family member directory you can create a .csv of first name, last name, email address and send everyone in the family new invitations to Familycrossings. Using these two tools will save hours while you are creating your alternative to Familylobby.com.

We will not charge you to help you move the files to your new home. There is no waiting period we have everything ready today! We will not charge you for each family member and you upgrade your storage as you require.

You can signup right here to start sharing your family news, family photos, family stories, family videos, family contact information and much more.

If you need to contact us please email us or call us for information.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter


  1. Easter Chick Cupcakes

These little chick cupcakes are almost too adorable to eat – but they’re also delicious so eat away! You just make regular cupcakes and then dip in yellow sanding sugar. Then add chocolate chips for eyes and pipe on the rest of the face and wings. They’re really easy and will instantly become a family favorite. They’re also great for Easter parties at school.

Source/Tutorial: birdonacake

  1. Confetti Eggs

Confetti eggs are fun for the entire family. You use real eggs, which you empty – and this is a delicate but really easy step. Then dye your eggs and fill them with confetti. Finally, you cover the whole with a piece of tissue paper and let it dry. Only you will know that these aren’t really hard boiled and decorated Easter eggs and it will be so much fun watching people crack and open them with the confetti falling out.

Source/Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

  1. Magical Jelly Bean Garden

Little ones are going to be so excited to plant their magical jelly beans and see what grows. This is a wonderful tradition for families and all you have to do is “plant” jelly beans in your garden or yard. Come back a while later to see which ones have bloomed – in the meantime, you’re going to stick a treat in the ground and let the kids know that these grew from their magical jelly beans.

Source/Tutorial: myfrugaladventures

  1. Easter Tree Tradition

You can buy Easter trees and decorations at the Dollar Store for just a few dollars, or make one yourself. Just find a branch, paint it white – or pink if you prefer – and then add decorations. You can even DIY your decorations, and kids are going to love helping to decorate the tree.

Source/Tutorial: rhythmsofplay

  1. Easter Bingo

This is a really fun Easter game that kids of all ages are sure to love playing. Print off the game board and then use jelly beans or robin eggs to play. It’s so much fun and a wonderful way for little ones to wear themselves out the night before Easter so they’ll go to bed early.

Source/Tutorial: crazylittleprojects

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A New User Interface Update

An often requested user interface improvement for Familycrossings.com has just been added. The feature allows administrators to select a photo to use as a background behind family content. Additionally the feature allows you to control the transparency of the foreground.


Start by clicking ADMIN

Complete this administration area to customize your family website portal

Complete this administration area to customize your family website portal. Select “content opacity to let the background show through under the content.

Select your content transparency

An example of what your family site can look at with a background image.

The background can be any jpg, png file. Here is the image we used.

You can use this image for your background.

Enjoy the update.








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Its a New Look for Family Crossings

It started in June of 2016 on a Sunday afternoon. Our lead web developer sat down with Bruce Collen to flesh out the redesign for our Family website product. The MyFamily.com customers had shown us where we could improve the product now we needed to focus our energies. So we re-read all of your feedback email, watched your actions during training session, & reviewed the survey results from our various customer polls. If you are a member of a Familycrossings.com site we hope you will enjoy the new responsive interface. It will work well on any computer or mobile device. You won’t need an app just login.

So here is what you get:

1) A new, cleaner interface. We have removed the left navigation system completely. You can now use our simpler top tab and sub navigation to move through the different site sections. In a tab the Active section is now underlined to better show the active feature. On the right hand side of the navigation you will find Tools/Actions- click this to add, change or delete content from a section.
2) Image of Day (IoD) is now a vote based process. Every photo has a vote function located to the right of the image. Click it to register your vote. The home page Image of Day will immediately change. If another image is voted up by more people than the existing image the new image will replace the other image immediately. All Image of the Day photos will be available in the IoD Photo Album.
3) More Storage – Standard now includes 500 MB of storage. Premium now includes 1 GB of storage. If you order extra storage you will now get twice as much for the same price ie get 2 GB for the price of 1 OR 4 additional GB for the price of 2 GB
4) Save as you write function has been added to Stories and Database
5) Parenting Center section has been changed to Requests
6) Photo Galleries section has been changed to Photos / Album thumbnails enlarged
7) Family Database has been changed to Library
8) Personal Profile section has been moved to upper right
9) Larger text in Help area
10) Feedback- Has been moved to the Admin area and can only be used by Administrators
11) Removed “Family Site” text from the label of site

12)Added the ability to use an image as a background with set transparency

13) Increased Address Privacy- It is now possible to hide your personal information by clicking on your Profile, click on My Addresses, scroll down to Privacy Options, click the button for Selected Members and then choose ONLY the family members who SHOULD see your address and email account information.
14) Shopping- This section is revamped with brand new stores offering uniques products and special savings. Want to save $10 on groceries every week? Check out our Coupons area.
15) History Medical section added 10 questions

So what are you waiting for? Go login here and start adding new items to share with your family.


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A Unified Approach to Family Scheduling -Using an Online Calendar

I was listening to a podcast yesterday while out walking the dog and the subject was keeping track of the children.The ‘caster was complaining that it was almost impossible to deliver and pickup their 3 children from after-schoool activities. He went on to say that both he and his wife have showed up in different cars at the same time to pick up a daughter from dance class. The family had resorted to a dry erase board that each family member was responsible for maintaining. The 5 dry-erase boards took up an entire wall in their kitchen. Of course this solution did not work very well since 5 dry erase boards are not portable and are impossible to update remotely.

So I wrote the podcaster a personal email explaining that the Familycrossings.com family calendar is the perfect solution. Everybody can enter their own events (including weekly recurring events), assign category colors, send email notifications, reminders and text alerts to themselves and the parent who is supposed to pick them up. Family members can remotely login from their cell phones. Familycrossings Monthly Calendars also can be printed out and replace the dry erase boards in the kitchen.

You can sign up for a free, standard or premium account by clicking here.
To read more about our family calendar function click here.
You can see an example of a Dance Class event by checking our Twitter feed.

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Family Crossings Update

For the hundreds of MyFamily clients who converted to Familycrossings.com your wait is over. We listened to your feedback and have delivered a new Family friendlyfeature.

Located in the “What’s New” area the link named “New to Me” will bring you every photo, every story, every comment that you have not clicked on. The site will start by bringing you the last 30 days of content and then will start removing from this page the items you clicked. There is a “dismiss” function if you wish to delete from “New to Me” all the content by area or by each item.

An update to our navigation will be coming soon.

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