Learning To Share…Everything

Two boys in a first grade classroom were arguing loudly over an item they both wanted to use at the same time.

Their teacher approached them in a friendly way and said, “Boys, it sounds like you two are having a problem. Let’s talk it out.”

One of the boys told his side of […]

Grandma is online!!

Being a good grandparent is not something that one has to learn how to do. It comes from within. A bond between grandparent and grandchild is a special one that must be nurtured if it is to grow properly. Of course, there are many great things that can be done in order to maintain that bond. Grandparents will find that they often have to make it a point to get involved with grandchildren when it comes to things they are interested in doing. This can be overwhelming if you feel that the age difference makes this difficult. There are many great aspects of being a grandparent. From sharing interests to being a reliable source of comfort, grandparents play a large role in a child’s life. It’s a good idea to organize a weekly get together online with your grandkids. Quality time together is seriously underrated these days. Make it a point to do something together, an activity you can both share. Set up a “virtual play date” online via play a friendly game or have dinner together while you catch up on recent events that your family members have posted. A designated time and date together will also help young kids to have an appreciation for their grandparents, something that is essential for kids to grow up with proper values. […]