Teens On Your Terms

Young, wild, and free … isn’t that what it’s supposed to feel like to be a teenager? While it’s normal for teens to push and discover their limits, it’s also dangerous. Due in large part to the fact that parenting decisions are only as sound as the information on which they’re based, more parents are […]

Family Traditions

My family always had traditions when I was growing up. Every Christmas eve was spent at my great grandparents’ house. The entire family – great grandparents, grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins – would gather at my great grandpa’s and grandma’s and we’d open gifts and laugh and spend the evening together as a big family. […]

Family and Social Media

The internet was always thought to be the exclusive domain of the young. Then, the older age groups discovered that e-mailing family and friends was easier and more cost effective than sending a fax or using “snail mail”. While several years passed, Boomers began exploring the various “Search” options on the net and learned that nearly anything they wanted to know was available on some website or another. […]

Family Web Sites for Free?

FamilyCrossings.com brings your entire family together to safely share family photos, family calendar events, special family recipes, parenting tips and important family news. Preserve family values by writing new chapters of your family’s history online. Create a family database that contains gift lists, sends birthday reminders and finds shipping addresses easily.Promotion Video

With FamilyCrossings.com, […]