Helping Your Family in Crisis Mode

A collaboration platform like Familycrossings can play a significant role in keeping your family safe in volatile times like epidemics, natural disasters. Bolstering family relationships with clear communication is essential to family dialogue and to fostering unity among your family members. has many features that can be of immediate value to families that need to create order out of the confusion that has taken grip in our countries over Covid-19.

Calendar– for keeping family members informed about upcoming activities and use the RSVP function for status checks

Checklist 1 – create a Disinfection List that each family member can complete when re-entering your home after being in a public space.
Checklist 2 – create an Action List for your family detailing what to do, where to go and who to call if a family member gets sick.
Checklist 3 – Create a Visitation follow-up list for an illness status update report.
Question of the Week – Family members can respond to a question you pose. For isolated family members knowing that others are also contributing answering may have an uplifting, unifying effect.
Family History– The Interview area has a section with 14 health-related questions that should be completed by all family members.

Help Requests – maybe you need an item that another family member needs
Family Forum – Create a Discussion Board labeled Coronavirus and add topics to keep family members engaged.
Photo Sharing – Cheer family members up by posting your selfies while washing your hands, amusing photos from your exercise routine or what you made for dinner.

Address Book – Keep the family address book up to date with street addresses, email addresses, and birth dates.
Polls – Ask your family members to help in making decisions together.
Text Chat – If you have a family member in self-quarantine a cheerful group text chat can help relieve patient anxiety.
Group Email – Remember in the past when you were not included in the email invite for Sunday dinner or you only heard about because your cousin texted you. Familycrossings help ensures that you are not forgetting a family member in your communication by enable Share circles to manage email communication better.

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The CDC website encourages families to plan and make decisions early that will protect you and your family during an outbreak or other disaster. Creating a household plan can help protect your health and the health of those you care about in the event of an outbreak in your community.


FAMILY PRIVACY is a private social platform designed for families. We share none of your content with anybody else and we have no third-party applications mining your data. You can sign up for a subscription for as little as $10 per year. The name of our parent company LLP will appear on your credit card statement.


Familycrossings provides FREE setup help. Please visit our CONTACT PAGE to request support and include your phone number and time zone. We will send you a confirmation email.

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