Its a New Look for Family Crossings

It started in June of 2016 on a Sunday afternoon. Our lead web developer sat down with Bruce Collen to flesh out the redesign for our Family website product. The customers had shown us where we could improve the product now we needed to focus our energies. So we re-read all of your feedback email, watched your actions during training session, & reviewed the survey results from our various customer polls. If you are a member of a site we hope you will enjoy the new responsive interface. It will work well on any computer or mobile device. You won’t need an app just login.

So here is what you get:

1) A new, cleaner interface. We have removed the left navigation system completely. You can now use our simpler top tab and sub navigation to move through the different site sections. In a tab the Active section is now underlined to better show the active feature. On the right hand side of the navigation you will find Tools/Actions- click this to add, change or delete content from a section.
2) Image of Day (IoD) is now a vote based process. Every photo has a vote function located to the right of the image. Click it to register your vote. The home page Image of Day will immediately change. If another image is voted up by more people than the existing image the new image will replace the other image immediately. All Image of the Day photos will be available in the IoD Photo Album.
3) More Storage – Standard now includes 500 MB of storage. Premium now includes 1 GB of storage. If you order extra storage you will now get twice as much for the same price ie get 2 GB for the price of 1 OR 4 additional GB for the price of 2 GB
4) Save as you write function has been added to Stories and Database
5) Parenting Center section has been changed to Requests
6) Photo Galleries section has been changed to Photos / Album thumbnails enlarged
7) Family Database has been changed to Library
8) Personal Profile section has been moved to upper right
9) Larger text in Help area
10) Feedback- Has been moved to the Admin area and can only be used by Administrators
11) Removed “Family Site” text from the label of site

12)Added the ability to use an image as a background with set transparency

13) Increased Address Privacy- It is now possible to hide your personal information by clicking on your Profile, click on My Addresses, scroll down to Privacy Options, click the button for Selected Members and then choose ONLY the family members who SHOULD see your address and email account information.
14) Shopping- This section is revamped with brand new stores offering uniques products and special savings. Want to save $10 on groceries every week? Check out our Coupons area.
15) History Medical section added 10 questions

So what are you waiting for? Go login here and start adding new items to share with your family.


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