A Unified Approach to Family Scheduling -Using an Online Calendar

I was listening to a podcast yesterday while out walking the dog and the subject was keeping track of the children.The ‘caster was complaining that it was almost impossible to deliver and pickup their 3 children from after-schoool activities. He went on to say that both he and his wife have showed up in different cars at the same time to pick up a daughter from dance class. The family had resorted to a dry erase board that each family member was responsible for maintaining. The 5 dry-erase boards took up an entire wall in their kitchen. Of course this solution did not work very well since 5 dry erase boards are not portable and are impossible to update remotely.

So I wrote the podcaster a personal email explaining that the Familycrossings.com family calendar is the perfect solution. Everybody can enter their own events (including weekly recurring events), assign category colors, send email notifications, reminders and text alerts to themselves and the parent who is supposed to pick them up. Family members can remotely login from their cell phones. Familycrossings Monthly Calendars also can be printed out and replace the dry erase boards in the kitchen.

You can sign up for a free, standard or premium account by clicking here.
To read more about our family calendar function click here.
You can see an example of a Dance Class event by checking our Twitter feed.

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