Transfer Files From MyFamily to Familycrossings Ready

MyFamily is providing web site subscribers with a zipped archive that contains photos organized in folders. There are no comments, titles, or descriptions. Starting June 20, 2014 subscribers who enter the “myfamily” promo code will get access to a special tool to transfer those files. Subscribers will need to use FTP to upload the MyFamily zipped archives. These files from MyFamily can be as big a 1.5 GB each. Once uploaded to your family site the administrator can click a link to start unpacking your archive. We suggest that you return the next day to sort through all the Galleries. Editing Galleries and Photos navigation are located on the left menu.

If you used the “myfamily” promo code when you signed up you will automatically get an email when the transfer file tool is ready for you to start using on your family website.

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