and Updates and Transition to Familycrossings has attempted to speak with informed individuals at Ancestry about the subscriber problems. No phone calls have been returned. An email replied from Eric included the following:
“We apologize for any confusion.
Currently we the exporting tool is only able to export the site photos. We have taken feedback about expanding our export options. If we are able to expand the export tool we will send out an update email.”

The exported archives that we have seen from subscriber do indeed include photos and folders, unfortunately there are only a few photos and folders in an archive. However these subscribers believe that there are 1000s of photos and are very disappointed with the export function.

I believe that the script that MyFamily / Ancestry is using is broken. They may not know it, but we can’t tell them if they don’t call back.

On the positive side of the transition we have installed a script in our Administration area that will import a text file to add multiple users at once. The HELP files inside your Familycrossings website covers the details of “how to” to do this. It is very simple.

The web development team is also working on the FTP function that will allow Administrators to auto recreate folders and photo inside our Gallery system. We hope to have it finished by the end of this weekend. Unfortunately you will still need to add photo titles, description, keywords, and location info manually.

We will be scheduling webinars for MyFamily administrators next week to help with learning the Familycrossings functionality.

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