A FamilyLobby.com Alternative

It was recently discovered (July 5,2017) that Familylobby.com has decided to close its subscription service. While we spent some time looking at our competitors’ viability we did not expect them to enter End-of-Life stage.

Familycrossings.com has been in business for over 10 years and wants ALL families that use Familylobby to know that we will help you transition. Familycrossings.com new FTP function makes uploading the FamilyLobby photos fast and efficient since when the zip file is unpacked all the photos are rendered into new galleries. As an alternative to starting over creating a family member directory you can create a .csv of first name, last name, email address and send everyone in the family new invitations to Familycrossings. Using these two tools will save hours while you are creating your alternative to Familylobby.com.

We will not charge you to help you move the files to your new home. There is no waiting period we have everything ready today! We will not charge you for each family member and you upgrade your storage as you require.

You can signup right here to start sharing your family news, family photos, family stories, family videos, family contact information and much more.

If you need to contact us please email us or call us for information.

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