Craft Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

(Family Features) – Handmade holiday items bring a unique and personal touch to the season, making the giver and receiver feel special. This year, millions of families will be spending more time together creating low or no-cost crafts such as gifts, cards and decorations. In fact, the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) estimates that in almost 43 million U.S. households will create handcrafted holiday gifts and decorations this year.

“Crafting provides an opportunity to spend time with friends and family while creating unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that don’t need to cost a lot of money,” said CHA President and CEO Steve Berger.

To inspire you, here’s an idea to get you crafting this holiday season.

Swirl Place Setting

Courtesy of

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Tulip 3D Fashion Paint
65088 Gold Glitter
65408 Gold Metallics
Red placemats and napkins
Gold fabric – 1/4 yard
Cardstock paper
Buttons – gold (4)
Bulky yarn – red
Eyelash yarn – red
1-inch low tack masking tape
Scratch paper
Paper towels


  1. Use tape to mask off around edge of placemats and across one corner of napkin. Start the flow of the Gold Metallic paint on a paper towel using an even pressure on the bottle. Squeeze thin lines of gold in assorted sizes of swirls on placemat. Immediately and carefully place scratch paper over paint then lightly rub over paper. Remove paper and tape. Let dry. Continue with remainder of placemats and napkins.
  2. Add a Gold Metallic line around edge of pattern and across the diagonal on the napkin. Let dry.
  3. Squeeze a thin line of Gold Glitter to all swirls and let dry.
  4. Squeeze a thin line of Fabric Fusion next to edge on the top of placemat. Press bulky yarn into glue. When dry, flip placemats over, apply a bead of glue to edge then press in eyelash yarn, twisting yarn so fibers show around edge. Let dry.

Napkin Rings

  1. Measure and cut a strip of cardstock 2 x 7 inches. Apply Fast Grab to one end of strip, overlap and hold with tape until dry. Continue with desired amount of napkin rings.
  2. Cut strips of gold fabric 4 x 7 1/2 inches. Apply a thin even coating of Fast Grab to the ring; press on fabric then smooth with fingers. Apply glue to the fabric edges then fold to the inside and press to secure. Let dry.
  3. Cut a 12-inch piece of both yarns then wrap together. Tie around napkin ring and knot on top. Add a dot of glue to the back of the knot to hold in place. Trim ends.
  4. Cut the shank from the back of button; add glue and press in place over the knot.

For votive and place card instructions, visit

Family Holiday Wreath

Courtesy of


Words of inspiration (K&Co.)
Rub-ons (K&Co.)
Favorite photos or seasonal stock photographs from
Heavy cardboard
Metal saying
Wire cutter
Glue gun

  1. Attach metal saying with wire to center of wreath.
  2. Print or download photos. The ones in this craft were printed in sepia.
  3. Adhere photos to heavy cardboard to fit the size of photo.
  4. Add rub-ons to photos.
  5. Glue words to wreath.

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