FamilyCrossings Fall Updates Are Now Online

Here is the short list of updates for fall 2009

The Family Home Page

* Your Family Home Page now supports “Drag and Drop”. Each family member can re-arrange the blocks of content on the home page. Content areas can even be hidden.

Using this new feature is easy, just click on a block and while holding down the mouse drag the block to its new location. To delete a block click the header and then click the red X. Made a mistake? Use the Quick Links area to find the “Reset Default” button.

Family Videos

* now has a new section for sharing videos. This area functions very much like You can upload video files in the following formats .wmv, .avi, .mov, .qt, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .flv. File uploads should be NOT be larger than 75 MB. When the file has completed the upload process our software will automatically convert it into a Flash file and the original video clip will be deleted to save you storage space. Please remember to keep the original file on your computer. Don’t forget to add Crossings that contain search words and geo tags. The three most recent videos will be displayed on your home page.

Photo Galleries

* We added the ability to re-order the sequence in which photos appear in a gallery. Click on “Edit Gallery” and then drag the image into the new order. Select “Save” when you are finished.

* The “Edit Gallery” area includes Photo Album Covers controls that allow you decide which photo to use as an anchor image when viewing all the albums.

News Digest

* We also added a weekly email News Digest to your family website. Every week will send an email to your family letting them know about upcoming events, birthdays and see links to new content that was recently added. As an Administrator for your family you will need to log in, click on Administration, click on the link “Site News Digest”, check the box enable to enable this new feature for your family. By default all your family members will then have the News Digest delivered to their registered email address. Each family member can option out of this feature by clicking on “My Settings” and de-selecting Yes, I want to receive the weekly E-mail Digest of Your Family Site news.

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