Everyday Indulgences

New! Family Features – Women across the country are meeting the demands of busy schedules and tightened wallets by setting aside life’s simple pleasures and putting themselves at the bottom of the to-do list.

In fact, a new survey commissioned by the makers of Edwards frozen desserts finds more than nine in 10 American women have cut back on indulgences during the past year.

Fifty-nine percent of survey respondents are cutting back on events out with friends and more than one-third (35 percent) are cutting back on even the smallest treats, such as manicures and desserts.

The survey also found that:

  • Nearly all (94 percent) American women in the study admit that they don’t indulge or treat themselves as often as they’d like because other people or commitments come first.
  • Fifty-six percent of women say they don’t treat themselves as often as they’d like because they can’t afford to.
  • Nearly a third (32 percent) of women say they now have less free time for themselves than they did a year ago.

Small rewards offer sweet peace of mind

Heather Reider and Mary Goulet, founders of MomsTown.com and hosts of MomsTown Radio, know a thing or two about the challenges of juggling a family and career while making the time to treat themselves.

“Self-pampering may seem like the last thing on your mind these days, but treating yourself to something special is so critical to relieving the stress of every day life,” says Reider.

“A personal treat does not have to break the bank and can be as simple as an at-home facial or sneaking a dessert in at the end of the day,” adds Goulet.

Reider and Goulet share these tips and strategies for effortless and affordable ways to celebrate everyday indulgences.

The silent treatment

In today’s age of technology, the silent treatment is imperative to maintain sanity. Home phones, cell phones, email, instant messaging, pagers, not to mention the multiple ways you get pinged when you turn on the computer, can all be overwhelming. Get serious about your silent treatment and power off the technology. Turn off the ringer on all phones, shut down the computer, and turn off the television and the radio. Now it’s time for a 15 to 30 minute scheduled time out because you deserve a little peace and quiet.

Bring nature indoors

A great way to nurture yourself is to bring nature indoors. You can do this simply by cultivating a container garden. This could be a window box, urn, basket or round fish bowl. For a fabulous display of nature indoors use a Bonsai plant, an orchid, a robust green plant, herbs or layer two different kinds of tulips. This is especially good for chilly winter months as floral aromas and popping colors can brighten a dark day.

The flip side

Pamper yourself by flipping to the right side of your brain. Engaging in art and creative pursuits fires-up the right side of your brain, which is the side of the brain that savors freedom. The left side of your brain is good when you need to pay the bills or figure out your kids’ 5th grade math problem. Spend a little time painting, drawing, making jewelry or knitting. You deserve to play on the flip side.

Back to basics

It’s hard to do but it is important to put yourself at the top of the to-do list every once in a while. Simple indulgences, like an Edwards Singles Á La Modes dessert, are a quick and easy way to treat yourself to something sweet, as well as fill your kitchen with a delicious home-baked aroma.

Essential essence

Treat yourself to the power of fragrance. Aromatherapy sachets placed in drawers are a sensational way to feel good without having to do or spend much at all. If you’re looking for an energizing scent try citrus, peppermint or bergamot. To take the stress down a few notches choose lavender, chamomile, sandalwood or ylang-ylang. You deserve to tickle your nose.

Budding beauty

Invest in four to six bud vases or use any vase that’s lying around your house. Go to your local farmer’s market or grocery store and buy a bouquet of flowers. When you get home, break the flower bunch apart into single stems and place the flowers in the bud vases. Distribute these vases around the house in the rooms you visit most frequently. Place one by the kitchen sink, the vanity in your bathroom, on your nightstand, in the powder room and in your kids’ bedrooms. You’ll be amazed at how your kids will appreciate the gesture. Then when you walk around your home you’ll be greeted with flowers wherever you go. And you did it with just one bouquet.

Hit your funny bone

When it comes to our emotions it’s really hard to multi-task. It’s nearly impossible to be sad and exuberant in the same exact moment. You deserve to laugh so choose more moments to get a giggle in your day. Read something funny or rent a funny movie.

While life is full of stressful moments, the benefits of taking time to rejuvenate and unwind really can make a difference.

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