Family History

Family Histories are made out of stories and tales about people, places, and events related to the members of immediate family members and our ancestors. Family stories casually chatted about at the dinner table, or related at family gatherings can provide great insights into a family’s hostory. The memorable stories of our lives and of others in our family take on special importance because they are true, even if everyone tells different versions of the same event. Stories like these are family heirlooms held online and in the mind forever heart.

Taking an Interview

FamilyCrossings have a preset interview process where each family member can contribute stories about their lives to share with other family members.
Birth Information, Childhood, School Experiences, Jobs, Romance and Marriage, Raising a Family, Personal Accomplishments, Entertainment and Hobbies, Holiday Traditions

Getting Started with Family History

The first step to collecting family stories is to become a good listener. Good listeners encourage great storytelling. When a speaker feels that the listener is interested, he or she is more inspired to communicate generously. A good listener gives full attention to the teller, does not interrupt or contradict the facts of a story as it is being told, and offers the teller encouragement with an interested facial expression and body stance. When a teller feels encouraged by an interested listener, there is joy in the telling. Let everyone know that they can include that fabulous story in

Interviewing Elders

An effective way to hear family stories is to ask questions. Family stories can be collected by interviewing a family elder. Make a mental or written list of topics that might generate some interest from other family members to ask the elder.

Questions about:

People, places, events, objects, important transitions, work, or travel can be story starters. Although short-term memory may sometimes be limited in the oldest of relatives, long-term memory may be very much intact. We need to help the teller journey back in time to retrieve these treasures.

Add Your Story

Start the Interview process right now! Take a moment to add your own history! Lead by example.

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